A typical day at Beehive

The timings of sessions are organised in a way that is approximate and flexible for mornings and afternoons.

  • Children and parents are welcomed at 9am and 1pm.
  • Children post their name card in a box.
  • Register taken, two groups depending on age of child.  Children sit on carpet and discuss the date, weather and news.
  • Children are then free to choose from a range of activities and toys which will stimulate them in all the areas of learning.  This is implemented through planned and purposeful play with a mixture of adult led and child initiated activities.
  • In a successful free play session, children can move forward at their own pace without unnecessary distractions, feel confident that adult support is available if they need it.  They know that what they have chosen is respected and valued by the adults in the group, thereby developing confidence in their ability to choose.
  • Tidy up time around 10:15am and 2:30pm or when there is a natural break in the children’s play.  Care is taken to allow a child to complete an activity if they want to.  The children are encouraged to help with tidying up.
  • Group story time – this may be read in two small groups.
  • After each child has washed their hands, the group sits together for a drink, pieces of fruit and a cracker or breadstick.
  • Free play – another range of toys and activities are provided.
  • Tidy up time around 11:40am and 3:40pm followed by a group singing or a circle game until parents/carers arrive at 12 noon or 4pm.  Children’s work and any letters go home are placed on the tables with their name card.

We play outdoors as often as possible.  We ask for children to have named outdoor clothes at all times and named wellington boots.